To Our Wonderful Adopters

Please take a moment to think about all the changes your dog will have gone through before he/she arrives.   Also, please take a look at the 7 steps you can take to make the transition easier for your new family member.  Always remember that there will be an adjustment period for your new family member.  These are former shelter dogs who, most likely, haven't had the easiest life.  Please be patient with them.  Some dogs will walk through your front door and act like they have been there a lifetime, while other dogs may need some time and patience.  You will be amazed what a little time, patience, and TLC will do for these former shelter dogs. 

Your dog was pulled from a Dallas/Fort Worth shelter by our rescue team in Texas.  Most likely, we have no idea about your dog's background, as most of them were strays brought in by animal control.  Occasionally, we pull an owner surrender, but background is still often hard to come by.  If we happen to know your new friend's background, we will certainly share that with you. 

Your new BFF was taken directly from the shelter to our DFW vet for complete vetting(all vaccinations, spay/neuter, heartworm test and treatment, if the result is positive, fecal, microchip, heartworm prevention, and flea/tick prevention) before going to their DFW foster home for 3-5 weeks while awaiting transport to you. 

Once in their new foster home, our Texas fosters begin getting your dog ready for adoption.  They work on house training, basic commands, and begin letting us know about each dog's unique personality, so we can share their strengths and weaknesses with you.  Our foster homes have a combination of cats, young children, older children, stairs, and doggy doors, so not every dog will have been exposed to everything that you might have in your home, but we do our best to expose them to all that we can.   

We transport your new BFF to CO or IL by plane(Pilots N Paws) or ground(Kindred Hearts).  However your new friend transports, it is a very stressful event for them.  When the dogs arrive in CO or IL, they will either go to a foster home, until they are adopted, or directly into your home, if you have completed our entire adoption process. 

As you can see,  their journey home to you is full of change and many different faces along the way, but what an exciting adventure you and your new BFF will begin upon their arrival. 

We are here to help with the transition and to answer any questions that you might have.  Please never hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.