Eddie Brock aka Eddie aka Edward (when a stern talking to is needed) 

The GLOWS about Eddie: 
At approximately 2 years old, Eddie is a PERFECT mix of young, playful puppy with a growing patience and maturity of an adult dog. He is about 50 lbs and is full grown, so you get all the greatness of a typical loving lab in a slightly smaller package. Fully vetted, knows basic commands, no apparent health issues and is eager to please. He has the energy to run, play, and learn tricks, and can get tired and lay about. Eddie does a great job walking on a leash, and since his foster home is an apartment, his potty training is on point as well with a regular schedule. No kennel training has been needed. He is still very impressionable, and learning new habits and routines is easy for him. Eddie absolutely ADORES other dogs. In fact, he struggles with other dogs NOT playing with him. Eddie would do great as the only dog in an active home (regular walks in the morning/evening), or would fit just as well with another pack too. Eddie is NOT aggressive with food, water, toys, treats, walk time or pretty much anything we’ve tried with him. So far interactions with cats, ducks, and neighboring humans at the park by his foster home have been positive and point to one easy going pup! 

The GROWS about Eddie: 
As handsome and sweet Mr. Eddie B is, there are some items he needs to grow toward learning. Eddie would not be a great fit with any home that has young children learning to walk/behave around dogs, simply because he gets SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU that jumping and pawing are an issue right now. Still, he has made a lot of progress in the short time he has had with his foster family, so this can be easily trained away with treats, quality time and more maturity. In classic lab form, he is curious and a bit of a chewer, so have the chew toys ready! Like it was mentioned before, he struggles when other pups that don’t want to play, so if there is another dog in the home that is older or not very social, Eddie is going to struggle to give them their space. 

Overall a great, friendly pup that has a whole lifetime of love ahead of him that is looking for his forever home! 

He is available for immediate adoption in the DFW area and the Denver/Colorado Springs area.


Dog • Labrador Retriever • Young • Male • Medium


House trained • Spayed/Neutered • Current on vaccinations • Coat Length: Short


Did you say you are looking for a gentle giant? Here's your guy. This is TANK, and as the name implies he's built like one. This guy may be over 100 lbs but he is all mush on the inside. TANK adores people, dogs, cats, is kennel-trained, house-trained, and as lovable as they come. He is estimated at 7-8 years old, is fully-vetted, has no known health issues, and is ready to find his family.  He is available for immediate adoption in the DFW area and the Denver/Colorado Springs area. Application on our website at www.bestfurfriendsrescue.org



Dog • Black Labrador Retriever • Senior • Male • Extra Large


House trained • Spayed/Neutered • Current on vaccinations • Primary Color(s): Black • Coat Length: Short


VOO is approximately 10, healthy, fully-vetted, super dog-friendly, extremely laid back and well-behaved, and a total velcro dog. He LOVES people -- and even gives HUGS! If you are looking for a loyal companion who will live to please you and receive affection from you, this is your guy. VOO is in foster in the Austin / Round Rock area and is bringing immense joy to his foster mama, Sue, and his foster fur bro, Zeke. He is a wonderful, easy companion.  Voo has been called a hero by many people  He lived at a vet clinic for most of his years as their blood donor dog, so when they decided to retire him, they called our rescue.  Because he has not been around children, we feel that a child free home would be the best option for him.    He is available for immediate adoption in the DFW area, Austin area, and the Denver/Colorado Springs area. Get your app in at www.bestfurfriendsrescue.org. ADOPTION FEE: $200

Dog • Labrador Retriever • Senior • Male • Large

House trained • Spayed/Neutered • Current on vaccinations • Primary Color(s): Black • Coat Length: Short​


Meet SUNNY. We brought her into the rescue when the Humane Society of Central Texas needed to make room for dogs being transferred from Texas coastal shelters that were in the path of Hurricane Harvey. SUNNY is estimated at 7 years old, is fully-vetted, dog-friendly, loves people and is a total Velcro dog. She is amazingly affectionate, very calm, totally housebroken, and gentle as can be. She is also quite smart and knows basic commands. She is a little chunky at the moment but with a good diet and regular exercise she will back to her bikini-weight in no time. SUNNY is in foster with a male lab and multiple cats. She is not a huge fan of the cats, so we are suggesting a cat-free home would be best. If you are interested in making SUNNY a part of your family, please fill out an app at www.bestfurfriendsrescue.org ADOPTION FEE: $200


Dog • Yellow Labrador Retriever • Senior • Female • Large


House trained • Spayed/Neutered • Current on vaccinations • Prefers a home without: Cats • Primary Color(s): Yellow / Tan / Blond / Fawn • Coat Length: Short


Oh the sweetness! Say hello to LUNA, an estimated 8-10 month old Pyr / Golden puppy (our guess but has double dew claws). This baby came into the shelter as a stray. We took her in when the shelter requested that we help them move some dogs to make room for Hurricane Harvey dogs who were being transferred in. She was emaciated, filthy, had mange (non-contagious), and was just a hot mess. And, as dogs are - she was super resilient in spite of having a rough start to life. She is as precious and gentle as can be, is playful yet not rambunctious, loves other dogs and children, is trustworthy in the house for long periods but loves to play outside, is excellent on leash, and sleeps through the night. She is a pup still so she needs a family who understands that there will be mistakes made and stimulation and chew objects are needed. She is going to be a large dog based on her breed mix and the fact her paws are not dainty! So, she needs a yard with plenty of space to explore and a family who makes sure she gets plenty of exercise. She is currently in foster with 4 other dogs and is extremely dog-friendly. Having another to play with or keep her company would be ideal. She is a darling dog and will make the perfect family member. She is fully-vetted and ready to meet her new family. ADOPTION FEE: $350


Dog • Great Pyrenees & Golden Retriever • Baby • Female • Large


House trained • Spayed/Neutered • Current on vaccinations • Primary Color(s): White / Cream • Coat Length: Long​

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Available Best Fur Friends - Am I the one for you?

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