7 Steps for a Smoother Transition

1.  INTRODUCTIONS  If you are bringing your new friend into a household with a resident dog, make sure to introduce the dogs on neutral ground.  Take them outside or take them on a walk.  Do NOT walk the dogs right up to one another nose to nose.  A side by side walk is ideal. This encourages companionship and takes the introduction to neutral ground. 

2.  BEHAVIOR AND GETTING COMFORTABLE  Shape the behavior that is desired, not punish for behaviors that aren't.  Set the ground rules the moment your new friend arrives in your home.  Please understand that it is not unusual for the most housebroken dog to mark in a new environment, especially if there are or have been other dogs in the home. 

3.  AROUND YOUR HOME  Please remember that it is your responsibility to put away items that you do not want your new friend to destroy or something that might harm them.  Dog proof your home before your new BFF arrives.  If there are rooms that are off limits to your new friend, baby gates are a wonderful tool to block their way. Walk around the house and yard removing items you don't want your new pet to get a hold of.

4.  WHAT TO BUY  Your new BFF will come with a collar, leash, rabies and microchip tag.  You may want to buy some toys in advance. You can get a nice variety for them to enjoy.  Hard rubber toys that can be stuffed with something yummy are often a favorite.

5.  WHEN FEEDING  It is perfectly normal for your new BFF not to eat at first due to the stress of transport and a new environment.  Offer food at set times and your new friend should nicely adjust to their new schedule in a few days.

6.  VET VISITS  We recommend that you schedule an appointment with your vet 5-7 days after adoption. 

7.  FAMILY TALK/HOUSE RULES  Make sure the entire family understands the "doggy rules" and has a clear understanding of which rules to enforce, as well as clear boundaries for young children in the home.

We know that this seems like a lot to do before your BFF arrives, but so worth the effort.  We wish you and your new BFF a wonderful life full of love and happiness.